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Young & Queer POC Short Story Collection

Commissioned by The Creative Pandemic

   I worked with the authors, and Editor in Chief of The Creative Pandemic (Maritsa Baksh) to establish concepts for six short story cover illustrations.


   Sketched in pencil, and painted in acrylics on card. I used Procreate to refine and add finishing details. 

Check out the illustrations in context @

A short story inspired by Philippines folklore and mythology, the datu's daughter is reimagined on a cold day in London.

Untitled-8 (1)_edited.png

“Oh my god, the artwork looks beautiful!!! I love the art style and how you can see the brush strokes.


(Ngl, Saya looks a little bit like how I imagined her, it’s uncanny…)”

Untitled_Artwork 3.png

Two people meet at a party. They lie on the grass and have a conversation. Sweet, simple, honest.

Untitled-8 (1)_edited.png

“It captures the vibe really really well, it's beautiful” 


Two siblings struggle to open a door.

Untitled-8 (1)_edited.png

“That's a beautiful piece of art, and I love it!”

Ad Astra

Does knowing your future really help when it comes to matters of the heart?

Untitled-8 (1)_edited.png

“The artwork looks great! I really like the colour palette of the path and the perspective - it gives a really strong sense of the journey ahead in the story”

An Inevitable Meeting

Through the grotesque conventions of fantasy and monster stories, we are othered and experience love for the first time.

Untitled-8 (1)_edited.png

“I love the drawing, can't wait to see it on the same screen as the story itself!”


A day in the life of Falak, a trans woman living in London. A bit of transphobia, a bit of loneliness, but a lot of joy and love.

Untitled-8 (1)_edited.png

“This is perfect, thank you both so much 4 all the time you've put into this!!!"

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